The Gas Blender Instructor course

Gas Blender Instructor



The Gas Blender Instructor course will teach you how to instruct the DSAT Gas Blender Specialty to certified Nitrox divers. The course is divided in Knowledge Development and Practical Application Lab sections.

The Gas Blender Instructor course also includes the DSAT Gas Blender course and develops the student's ability to competently blend enriched air Nitrox using our blending method.

 For this course, we need access to a partial pressure filling station. Not all locations where I teach have this access available.

 You will make yourself more employable by being able to fill tanks and more importantly, fill Enriched Air gas blends for dive centers. If you also take a course which teaches you to maintain and repair compressors, you'e almost guaranteed a job in the competitive dive industry. For the latter, contact me for more information.

Not all PADI IDC locations I teach at will be able to offer the DSAT Gas Blender or DSAT Gas Blender instructor course, contact me for more information to find a location that will be able to accommodate you for these courses.

 You can see some blog posts on the various DSAT Gas Blender courses I thought over the years on my dive blog, please follow this link.


Gas Blender Instructor

Prerequisites for the DSAT Gas Blender Instructor course;

• Be a Teaching PADI OWSI or higher PADI member

• Be a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor


And meet one of these two sets of requirements;

• Have successfully completed the Gas blender Instructor Course conducted by a DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Trainer.

• Meet the requirements listed on the DSAT Gas blender Instructor Application


• Be certified as a DSAT Gas Blender or have a qualifying gas blender certification from another certification organisation.

• Have at least six months experience as a gas blender and have blended at least 50 gas fills of enriched air nitrox and/or trimix to a measured oxygen fraction within one percent of the desired mix.

• Meet the requirements listed on the Gas blender Instructor Application.

Gas Blender Instructor