Testimonial by David, May 2019 PADI IDC on Phuket

Testimonial by David, May 2019 PADI IDC on Phuket

Here it is, the Testimonial by David, May 2019 PADI IDC on Phuket. The IDC I teach in conjunction with PADI CDC Center ‘ Dive Asia’, right there on Phuket.

This is one of these rare occasions where I teach a PADI IDC one on one. It worked well, David arrived well prepared. Most certainly, his helps. A lot, actually. As a result, the whole course can be conducted in German. We have extra bodies in the pool and open water. Most importantly, besides the steep learning curve David experiences, we also have lots of fun.

David has big plans. Firstly he lives in China, with bis Chinese wife during the IDC. On the other hand, now they are out in the big wide world, making a new life. Certainly a challenge, but nothing David can’t handle. I’m convinced of that!

David, it’s a pleasure having you in this PADI IDC. Now let’s have a look at what you have to say about this PADI IDC.

Testimonial by David, May 2019 PADI IDC on Phuket

Testimonial by David, May 2019 PADI IDC on Phuket

David with PADI Examiner Rob Scammell. He just completed his PADI very successfully!

Without further ado, here we go with David’s testimonial. All inclusive of some inside jokes;

Remember the time in school when we were suffering while learning? with Camille u wont suffer at all! from the beginning to the end it was just fun. AAAND…, I still learned a lot. there was always time for jokes n good humor, so it never got boring. I also appreciated a lot that Camille joined to the IE and supported me. it was such a good time and I will keep all his good suggestions in my mind.

Anyway thanks for nothing

und in diesem Sinne: An die Wand, aber plötzlich

Thanks for taking the time out to write this testimonial David. Much appreciated.

My next PADI IDC programs

Did you like this testimonial? Is it time for you to change your life and become a PADI open water scuba instructor?

Firstly you can join my first PADI IDC of 2020. This will take place on Koh Lanta in Thailand. The program starts 4th January 2020. This is in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center ‘Blue Planet Diver’.

Secondly, you an join me in my first of six PADI IDC programs on Malapascua, in the Philippines, this programs start 6th February. Thirdly, this is followed by a PADI IDC starting 23rd March on Malapascua. These programs are conducted in conjunction with PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’.

Ask me for more detailed information on these programs.

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