More coral bleaching, this time around Koh Tao

More coral bleaching, this time around Koh Tao
The coral bleaching that I reported about in late May has unfortunately not stopped but continued. During my recent dive trip to Koh Tao, there was plenty of bleaching going on at Hin Wong and other sites around Koh Tao.
Stag coral
The water temperature is still 30C which is too warm for the waters here. Although just by one or two degrees, over prolonged periods of time, this can be fatal for the coral.

The dive sites look like Christmas time underwater and it made me really sad to look the damage being done.
Massive coral formations are all bleached and it takes years to recover, providing the coral survives. If the coral in questions dies, it will take even longer.
It’s a phenomena that’s all over the region and all neighbouring countries are experiencing similar problems, it’s not only Thailand or let alone Koh Samui or Koh Tao that are affected.
Right now I can only hope for the water temperature to go down but it doesn’t look too great. The predictions don’t have a lot of rain in the makings and August is usually a very warm month as well.

One thought on “More coral bleaching, this time around Koh Tao

  1. Global warming sucks.
    I hate to see so much bleaching occuring in Koh Tao.

    I went to the Great Barrier Reef over the summer and saw heaps of bleaching and they expect more bleaching to happen since the water temperatures continue to escalate.

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