Makro Thailand offers shark fins for sale

Makro Thailand offers shark fins for sale

To my big surprise, I noticed that the Koh Samui branch of Makro Thailand has at least two brands of shark fins on sale.
Since I only found out sine a few days, I’m not sure what route to follow how to have Makro stop selling shark fins.
With around 24 outlets in Thailand, that’s a lot of shark fin for sale.
If you have any ideas, please share them since a few years ago DisneyLand in Hong Kong stopped selling shark fin soup, because a statement reads; “After careful consideration and a thorough review process, we were not able to identify an environmentally sustainable fishing source, leaving us no alternative except to remove shark’s fin soup from our wedding banquet menu”.
If somebody is reading this and doesn’t know or understand why shark fins are such a hot item, maybe have a look at the movie Sharkwater.
2 different kind of shark fins of the same brand available at Makro Samui.
A different brand of shark fins for sale at Makro Samui.

6 thoughts on “Makro Thailand offers shark fins for sale

  1. Hi Camille,
    thanks for putting this up.
    Hopefully we find a way to do something about it! Will try to work something out as well!
    Cheers Marion

  2. Actually didn't know of this until this morning, when the bi-weekly Makro ad appeared and advertised a sale on shark fin soup on the front page (500 grams for 980 Baht – a savings of 19 Baht!).

    Now to email all the scuba diving shops I can find in Thailand to recommend they also post such a comment at Makro's website, and post a note on their shop walls recommending others do the same.


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