Divemaster trainees training and Oxygen Provider courses

Divemaster trainees training and Oxygen Provider courses

It’s that time of the month again and the Divemaster trainees were calling.

With Bruno I spent this morning covering various aspects of Physics of Diving, laced with bits and pieces of Physiology. He should be completing his Nitrox diver certification soon, in order to get a better grasp on Partial Pressure. Right, good old Dalton and his Law!

Yesterday was another day of confined water skill circuit practice. From left to right saw Richard, who will participate in the upcoming June IDC, Bas and Bruno take a plunge and practice skills, skills and some more skills.

Yesterday afternoon I conducted an Oxygen Provider course with Bas, Rob and Bruno. Rob and Bruno will complete their Instructor rating for this specialty soon, once Bruno has completed his Divemaster course.

In between all this activity I also managed to pick up my PADI Instructor Development Award, presented by Drew Richardson, the President and Chief Operations Officer for PADI Worldwide, who is on Koh Samui right now.

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