EFR Instructor Course October 2007

After the day off, recovering from the IE party, it was back to work today with the EFRI course!

Ivo, Andy, Elliott and Stuart all showed up this morning at the local Recompression chamber where we spend all day in the classroom, for the theoretical part and the practical, hands on part of the EFRI course.

Here are four of them sweating it out during the theory part of the course.

Andy and Stuart during a more hands on part of the course, although I’m not sure in which part of the Instructor Guide this can be found back. We had a very entertaining afternoon were some complete new versions of First Aid were demonstrated but in the end we did get the job done.

The official group photo in front of the recompression chamber (The Pot) itself, left to right, Elliott, myself, Ivo, Andy and Stuart.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with some diving days to complete the Instructor Specialties and some more Gas Blending and DAN Courses, so stay tuned in the coming days.


2 thoughts on “EFR Instructor Course October 2007

  1. I really enjoy teaching EFR – it’s something that gives you a big personal reward in teaching. Plus, one of my students actually had to use it a couple of weeks ago, after a Japanese teacher she was working with just collapsed in class and started fitting. She remembered her training and did everything perfectly:)

  2. Hi Dave,

    It sure makes for a change in teaching and that can be welcome.

    Thumbs up to your student!

    Had a similar experience once when I was teaching a class for Thai hotel staff and one staff member had a seizure during class and the whole team worked together and practiced what they just learned!

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