EFR Instructor Course August 2007

The EFR Instructor was on the menu today.

Around 9.15 am we met up in the Compression Chamber’s classroom for today’s EFR Instructor course. Bas, Nienke, Jamie and Laura who participated in yesterday’s DAN O2 Provider course, were there today and Chris, who completed his IDC earlier this year in March, didn’t participate until today.

Here a picture of them at work during their exam part, from left to right; Bas, Nienke, Jamie, Chris and Laura. All five of them completed their EFRI exam successfully.

Chris is checking if Little Annie, the mannequin, has any signs of life.

Nienke working on Laura and Chris working on Bas during their Log Roll practice. The Log Roll is used when a spinal or neck injury is suspected and despite this suspected injury, the victim still has to be moved, for instance for CPR.

Bas is practicing with the AED (Automated External Defibrillator), aka the Defibrillator.

Jamie’s giving ventilations to Baby Annie, the baby mannequin, during the skills practice part for the Care for Children part of the course.

Tomorrow we finally start with the diving part of the Instructor Specialties and we’ll be on Chaweng Beach for the Underwater Navigation dive.



2 thoughts on “EFR Instructor Course August 2007

  1. I really enjoy teaching EFR courses as they’re fun and very relaxed. Open Water courses are more rewarding on the whole, but a lot more stress is involved when taking students under the water for the first time.

    What’s the worst that can happen in EFR? You can overinflate Baby Annie!!

  2. Hi Dave,

    The EFR courses are good fun indeed and also valuable.
    Sometimes when I teach I do think that can pigs can fly though, but indeed, during an EFR not that much can go wrong.
    I did teach a course in a local Samui hotel to local staff and somebody had a real life seizure!

    The Dan Oxygen Provider course is also a good course to teach, I really enjoy that one, since it is a tad little bit more dive related.

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