Getuigschriften van IDC kandidaten uit het jaar 2017 



Jag träffade Camille för första gången när jag gjorde min Divemaster-kurs på Filippinerna för två år sen. Jag fick ett jättebra intryck av honom - han var mycket kunnig och brydde sig verkligen om alla elever på dykcentret (oavsett om det var IDC-kandidater, DMTs eller OW-elever - och jag bestämde mig redan då för att jag ville ha honom som Course Director. Jag begav mig därför till Thailand och gjorde min IDC med Camille i Khao Lak i november 2017. Jag blev verkligen inte besviken! 

IDCn är, som sig bör, en tuff kurs med höga krav. Det jag uppskattade mest med kursen var att jag hela tiden kände att jag hade Camilles (och vår staff instructor Fionas) fulla stöd. Man fick hela tiden ärlig feedback och det var väldigt tydligt vad som var bra och vad man behövde utveckla vidare. De tog sig alltid tid för frågor och man kände verkligen att de ville att man skulle lyckas. Jag uppskattade den tydliga informationen om kraven på IEn och också hur Camille med sitt lugn och sin tilltro till oss fick mig att känna att jag faktisk hade den kompetens som krävdes för att klara examinationerna. 

Kusen hölls på engelska vilket funkade bra för mig. Tanken är ju att jobba utomlands i framtiden, så då är det soft att ha dykordförrådet på engelska. 

Jag är mycket nöjd med kursen och då inte bara för att den resulterade i att jag tillslut blev Specialty Instructor! Jag lärde mig otroligt mycket och utvecklades både som dykare, PADI Pro och som person.

In English;

I met Camille for the first time when I did my Divemaster course in the Philippines two years ago. I had a great impression of him - he was very knowledgeable and really cared about all the pupils at the diving center (regardless of whether they were IDC candidates, DMT or OW students - and I decided already because I wanted him as a course Director. I therefore went to Thailand and did my IDC with Camille in Khao Lak in November 2017. I was really not disappointed!

The IDC is, as it should, a tough course with high demands. What I appreciated most with the course was that I always felt I had Camille's (and our staff instructor Fiona's) full support. You always received honest feedback and it was very clear what was good and what you needed to develop further. They always took time for questions and you really felt they wanted to succeed. I appreciated the clear information about the requirements of IE and also how Camille, with his peace and confidence in us, made me feel that I actually had the skills required to pass the examinations.

The course was held in English which worked well for me. The idea is to work abroad in the future, so it is good to learn the words in English.

I'm very pleased with the course and then not only because I ended up being Specialty Instructor! I learned incredibly much and developed both as a diver, PADI Pro and as a person.

 Sandra Pedersen, Zweden, Oktober 2017, Khao Lak, Thailand 


Hi, I'm Kristine from the US, and I did my IDC with Camille in Thailand October 2017. Camille's many years of experience made the course smooth and straightforward. From practicing skills in the pool to taking exams, we learned exactly what to expect in the IE. He always took the time to make sure we understood what we missed and improved the skills we needed to practice. But it's not all work, we had plenty of laughs. I felt prepared going into the IE and agree with Camille that it stands for "Its Easy."

Kristine Wagner, USA, Oktober 2017, Khao Lak, Thailand 




Bonjour à tous, je suis vraiment très satisfait de L'IDC que j'ai suivi avec DIVE Asia et plus particulièrement avec Camille durant juillet 2017.
Je suis français avec un niveau d'anglais correct et parlant aussi espagnol, mais il est vrai que pour la partie théorie notamment je souhaitait avoir un maximum de support français, dive asia et Camille mon donc commandé mon crew pack en français ainsi que les examens ecrit, et le gros plus avec Camille et qu'il parle un peu français donc quand j'avais quelques problèmes de compréhension il pouvait m'aiguiller! Le deuxième gros plus est que pour la casi totalité des supports des cours ( PDF, vidéos ) Camille les possèdes aussi en français et n'hésitera pas à vous les donner par clée USB.
Cependant de mon avis, je pense que pour faire ce travail il est tres important de parler plusieurs langues, et faire son IDC en grande parti en anglais et vraiment trés intéressant car vous vous sentirez vraiment plus à l'aise à la fin et encore plus fier de votre réussites, il faut aussi savoir que pendant les examens vous n'aurais pas forcément un course director qui parle français, donc pour tous ce qui est des présentations ( cours, présentation milieu protégé, et milieu naturel ) il est vraiment cool d'avoir confiance en soit pour les présenter en anglais si vous n'avez pas le choix.
Il y a plein d'école pour faire vôtres IDC mais avec Dive Asia je vous garanti que vous pourrez travailler au calme et très efficacement ! Quand l'examen arrivera se ne sera plus qu'une formalité si vous bossez comme il le faut.
Encore un grand merci a Dive asia et Camille pour avoir accompagné m'a réussite à L' IE.

Michael Klausz, Frankrijk, Juli 2017, Phuket, Thailand  


I just recently took Camille's IDC and MSDT Prep course during July in Phuket and I can't speak highly enough about it. Camille is incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas related to diving that it makes the course fun, interesting and in my opinion the best choice to prepare you for the I.E. and for a future career in the dive industry. Camille takes the time to make sure you understand the information completely and was able to answer any questions I had. He connects with his students and makes sure they feel confident heading into the examination. His attention to detail and teaching attitude like I said earlier makes the class that much more enjoyable and informative. Getting to learn from one of the best only increased my confidence going forward as a dive instructor. His work with you doesn't stop once the class is over either, he is always there to help and answer any further questions you have about diving, working as an instructor or life in another country. He knows multiple languages and although I had no problems because we both spoke English, he was able to get French materials and help my fellow classmate (who was French but could speak decent English) fully understand the material and feel confident going forward into his I.E. as well. Again I can't thank him enough for being my teacher and helping me start my own career. If you are looking for someone to do your IDC with look no further, you've found the best.

Sean Brennan, USA, Juli 2017, Phuket, Thailand  




"I was apprehensive at first to undertake my IDC and IE as I felt unprepared and relatively inexperienced as a Divemaster.

As I began the IDC, I found Camille's experience to be very helpful in answering all my questions. He was also extremely supportive of my fellow candidate and I through our up's and down's. Camille's knowledge and humor were thoroughly helpful as we went through many powerpoints and exams."

However, going on to the IE I felt well prepared and ready to take it on. I managed to pass with high scores and it was all thanks to Camille.

I would not hesistate to recommend Camille to other potential candidates, or to continue my diving education with him.

Thank you to Camille once again!, for making the IDC and IE the wonderful experience and memory that it was.

 Adrian Chan, Hong Kong, Juni 2017, Phuket, Thailand 




 คิดว่า IDC มันยากแต่ก็อยากลองดู,ตัดสินใจเรียน,และได้ยินชื่อCamilleจากเพื่อนที่เรียนกับCamilleทุกคนพูดเหมือนกันว่า "He's One of the Best Course Director"
Camilleให้คำแนะนำและทุ่มเทเวลาให้เราก่อนและหลังClassroom เพื่อแน่ใจว่าเราเข้าใจและพัฒนาขึ้น,10วันสำหรับIDCกับCamille คือความทรงจำที่ดีที่เรายังคิดว่าเราไม่น่าจะผ่านมันมาได้ง่ายๆและเราผ่านมันมาได้เพราะCamille!!!
Yes!!!..He is One of The Best of Course Director.
ขอบคุณมากๆค่ะ Camille  

 Ik dacht dat de IDC moeilijk zou zijn maar heb uiteindelijk toch besloten om deel te nemen. Ik has al van Camille gehoord via vrienden die bij hem de IDC gedaan hadden. Ze zeiden allemaal hetzelfde "hij is een van de beste CD's".

Camille was er niet alleen tijdens de IDC, maar ook voor en na de gewone les tijden in het klaslokaal, om er zeker van te zijn dat ik alles snapte en stappen voorwaarts kon maken. Eerst dacht ik dat ik het niet zou gaan halen, maar dank zij Camille heb ik het wel gehaald. 

De 10 daagse IDC cursus met hem was een fantastiese herinnering en ervaring. En ja, hij is een van de beste Course Directors.

Bedankt Camille

Cartoon 'Toon' Kalapak, Thailand, Mei 2017, Phuket, Thailand 


For anyone looking to do their IDC I can’t recommend Camille highly enough, his attention to detail and knowing exactly what you need to get you through the IDC as an individual and the extra time he puts into making sure you get through the IE makes it a no brainer for me, Clear, concise information and Camille’s good humour makes the whole experience less stressful, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and I look forward to furthering my education with Camille at the earliest opportunity.

Glenn Pearson, UK, Mei 2017, Phuket, Thailand



Danke camille für die zeit während des idc.
Ich möchte mich herzlichst bedanken bei unserem course director Camille Lemmens. Danke für die art und weise, wie du uns gelehrt hast. Wie du den kurs geführt hast. Das sind ernste Worte. Auch wenn sie etwas spät kommen... sorry für das.... Ich war sehr nervös und aufgeregt vor dem idc. Aber du hast eine art gefunden, mich proffesionel zu unterrichten und motivieren. Trotzdem fehlte der spass nie... Du hast mich/uns durch den ganzen idc so gut unterstützt....
Ich hätte nie geglaubt den idc so gut zu bestehen, wie ich es tat schlussendlich
Dafür danke ich dir ganz herzlich. Und ich glaube die ganze barbara mannschaft
Danke für deine art. Danke dafür, dass du einen sehr wichtigen schritt in meinem leben mitverwirklicht hast. Ich hoffe ich kann dich weiterhin nerven mit doofen fragen
Danke für alles
Beste grüsse
Instructor dominic

Dominic Sennhauser, Zwitserland, Maart-April IDC 2017, Koh Lanta, Thailand



 Camille´s IDC really gives you stable ground to begin your instructor career. He not only prepare you to examination but gives you tools how to rún courses in real life after graduation. I feel being lucky I choose his course. Even though there is loads work to do at IDC Camille is able make it fun and adjust methods to individuals. We had so much fun and honestly I can recommend his courses to anyone. Thank you Camille for excellent IDC!

Hannu Orrenmaa, Finland, Maart 2017, Phuket, Thailand


I came from Finland to do IDC in Phuket. It turned out to be a fantastic choice, because i could not imagine more efficient and fun way of becoming an open water scuba instructor than under direct supervision of Camille. He is a phenomenal instructor and awesome dude. Our class was small, days were compact and at home there was no worries with sparetime, but its okay as long as you feel as rewarded as i felt when Camille was my instructor at IDC. So perks compared to Finland: Camille, less snow and ice, quarantee of knowing your shit.

Juha-Petteri Pasma, Finland, Maart 2017, Phuket, Thailand




IDC With Camille was amazing! When I start the course I had very different expectations about it because I get wrong information and hazy "advices" from others about it and I start course with little bit unsure feeling. But from the first day until it was over Camille give me so clear imagine how is the work when you became to be instructor and he teach us really how to prepare lessons and how to use all the tools and be a good teacher. Now the real learning process just starting and I feel like I have stable & steadly bottom under my feet. Feel like Im ready to jump! Big thank you Camille!

Iris Poutanen, Finland, Februari 2017, Phuket, Thailand


Honestly i dont know what Camille can do better than what he is doing with our course and all the things around it. We have so much fun combine with he's super professional way to teaching. If you have questions or thinking about to do your IDC, contact him!

Robin Nyzell, Zweden, Februari 2017, Phuket, Thailand


Danke Camille für diesen super IDC! Wir haben knapp zwei Wochen zusammen verbracht und du hast jeden von uns vom frischen Divemaster zum vorbereiteten Instructor gemacht. Während des Kurses hast du eine spitzen Balance gefunden zwischen Professionalität und Spaß gefunden. Mit deinem Engagement und guten Humor hast du uns allen eine schöne Zeit verschafft und uns gut auf das vorbereitet was uns hier draußen erwartet.
Danke Camille!

Christophe Linne, Germany, February 2017, Phuket, Thailand


I decided to come to Thailand solely because of Camille and his good reputation as a Course Director. In short, he lived up to both his reputation and my expectations. This is my view of Camille and his teaching style which hopefully will help you getting an idea of what it could be to do your IDC with him:

Camille undoubtedly has the knowledge and experience to be a great Course Director. His sense of humor rubbed off in our group to the extent that I think even he thought it was a bit too much at times. His teaching style is can be described as “play hard, work hard” and his focus is always on what he thinks makes a skilled and safety conscious instructor and what he knows is needed to pass the IE. Sometimes he might come off as being strict or picky in the skills, while other times he quickly browse though the slide shows. The only “negative” in Camilles skill set would be his upselling and other ways to make a few more bucks. Something which sadly is almost required when making a living in the diving industry.

Personally, I was forced to reschedule my IDC which meant I had only one logged dive during the four years leading up to the IDC (!) and I arrived the day before the course started. Despite being rusty, jet lagged and needing time to get used to my new gear, I ended up getting straight fives in the IE and roughly 90% on the theory, all thanks to Camille! The rest of the group did just as well despite illnesses, lost gear and other mishaps. We were all very happy with the course and can strongly recommend others to do their IDC with Camille!

Staffan Eriksson, Zweden, Februari 2017, Phuket, Thailand



GetuigschriftenAn unforgettable experience of being in part of Camille's IDC which did not only fully equipped me to be an OWSI but was also so much fun. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and always ready to help, Camille made we IDC candidates all successfully passed IE. Feel so lucky to have this IDC. Lots of thanks!


'Melonie' Dan Jiang, China, Februari, Koh Lanta, Thailand


Hi Camille, As I am waiting for my PADI certificate and my cards to arrive, I am looking back to the first day of my IDC. I was so excited yet nervous but you got us relaxed throughout the IDC and made each day enjoyable. My classmates were also great and I think we bonded very quickly :D. Completing the IDC and IE was very important for me and I have made it because of you and Ann. I learnt a lot from you and your suggestions/comments made me a better diver and soon instructor ~ Thank you again for the time and effort you put into our IDC and IE, especially all the e-mails we went back and forth even beginning of the IDC. Your quick response to all e-mails and your presence at the IE helped a lot! I look forward to seeing you again and dive with you.

Norie Ishida, Hong Kong, Februari, Koh Lanta, Thailand


Camille is very knowledgeable about the PADI system and the dive industry in Thailand. His detailed feedback during the IDC helped us all pass the examination with ease. Additionally, he made an effort to get to know all the candidates as a friend and mentor, and gave us counseling specific to our desired paths through the diving industry. Camille genuinely cares about his work. Thanks!

Carolyn Popoli, USA, Februari 2017, Koh Lanta, Thailand


Camille was a wonderful course director to have for the IDC. He is very knowledgeable, but more importantly he is extremely patient and personable. During my course he made sure each candidate knew what to work on and how to work on it to prepare for their IE and life as a dive instructor. His focus was not to just get you through the IE, but to make sure you would be a confident competent instructor. He made the time educational, fun, and memorable. 

Christine Dietz, USA, Februari 2017, Koh Lanta, Thailand 


Getuigschriften uit 2016



I'd like to to share a few words about my IDC course on Koh Phangan and my course director Camille Lemmens , it was quite a rollercoaster ride of emotions , at times i felt out of my depth and had thoughts of quitting , but with Camille's excellent coaching and almost endless patience, though I got the feeling we put that to the test on more than one occasion, i can honestly say if it wasn't for Camille and Giovanni as well and the IDC candidate's i wouldn't be sat here writing this as an instructor embarking on a new career doing what i love , so saying thank you doesn't really seem to be adequate enough but it will have to do. Thank you for helping me achieve this life changing opportunity

Ian Long, Engeland, December 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand


I am currently IDC Staff Instructor. Once again I want to thank you for the course, for your acknowledgment and dedication that you lavished into it. I definitely learned a lot, especially from your didactical approach, and for sure all what I received as an example from you will is becoming already useful during my work. Thanks a lot again, and best success for the continuation of your work!

Giovanni D'Erasmo, Italië, IDCS Instructor, December 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand


The 10 days of doing my idc on Koh Phngan at Haad Yao divers with course director Camille Lemmens, was just a big roller coaster with a lot of up and downs. Some days my brain was so filled up with information and theory about diving and teaching techniques, that I thought my head was going to be a big mess at the IE. Thanks to Camille and his unbelievable endless patience after me asking the same question for the third time, and the way he positively encouraged all of us to continue, when we were deep down there and almost was giving up, I managed to to see the way out of it an went through the IE at the end. Thanks a lot for the positive way you made the idc prep. and the idc course Camille and thanks to Heike, Gio and stud mates Matt and Ian who made this possible. Had a great time and learned a lot

Lars-Petter Sandaaker, Noorwegen, December 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand




Na 3 jaar gewerkt te hebben als dive master in verschillende landen, wilde ik de volgende stap zetten in mijn duikcariere en heb ik besloten om me op te geven voor de instructor development course. Ik heb online gezocht naar een idc bij mij in de buurt met een course director die veel ervaring had. Ik kwam zo bij Camille terecht. Zijn ervaring is ongekend en doordat hij ontzettend snel en informatief was tijdens het email contact had ik er direct een goed gevoel over. Vanaf dag een van de cursus wist ik zeker dat ik de juiste keuze had gemaakt en ik heb een hele leuke cursus gehad. Er was een goede balans tussen leren en lachen en ondanks dat het een pittige cursus is hebben we veel lol gehad! Tijdens de IDC heeft Camille mij de kennis en het zelfvertrouwen gegeven dat ik nodig had om op het IE goed te presteren. Ik ben hem ontzettend dankbaar voor alles wat hij mij geleerd heeft. Zijn vele jaren ervaring hebben er voor gezorgd dat alle vragen die ik had goed beantwoord konden worden en hebben geresulteerd in het feit dat ik nu een OWSI ben en me helemaal klaar voel om les te gaan geven. Ik kan daarom ook iedereen aanraden om niet verder te zoeken, en gewoon te boeken met Camille! ☺ Het lijkt misschien een grote opdracht, maar met Camille als course director ga je vol zelfvertrouwen je IE in, en zul je zien dat door het harde werk tijdens je IDC, het IE een makkie is! Heel veel success voor alle toekomstige studenten.

Ilse van Tilborg, Nederland, December 2016, Phuket, Thailand


I recently completed the IDC with Camille in Kata in preparation for the IE on December 3 and 4.
Camille's preparation for the IE was extremely good and very useful for the 2 days of the IE. We went through all procedures and practices and he gave us all very good advice and guidance for what was to come.
I am very glad to have chosen to do the IDC with Camille and thank him very much for all his tutoring and guidance throughout, all in our group passed the IE and have already moved on to working as Instructors.
I would strongly recommend for anyone wanting to become an Instructor to seek out Camille and book in for the IDC, he will lead you in the right direction. Cheers.

Steven O'Connell, Australië, December 2016, Phuket, Thailand

Die Brevetierung zum PADI OWSI ist das Ziel für alle Teilnehmer eines IDC's.
Eine optimale Vorbereitung und eine kompetente Unterstützung sind das wichtigste zum erfolgreichen Abschluss.
Durch Camille wurden wir während über einer Woche perfekt auf den IE vorbereitet und haben diesen alle mit einem super Ergebnis abgeschlossen.
Wir durften alle von seiner langjährigen Erfahrung profitieren und unseren Rucksack für die Zukunft als Tauchlehrer füllen.
Dank einer kleinen Gruppe konnte sich Camille viel Zeit für Fragen nehmen.
Für mich persönlich war es eine sehr gute Entscheidung am IDC bei Camille teilzunehmen.
Seine offene und fröhliche Art hat den Kurs zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis gemacht.
Zum Schluss möchte ich mich bei dir Camille und auch bei den beiden anderen Kandidaten Ilse, Steven und Sam (Staff Instructor) für die tolle Zeit in Phuket bedanken.
Ich hoffe euch bald irgendwo auf der Welt wieder zu sehen und wünsche allen zukünftigen IDC Kandidaten von Camille viel Spass und Erfolg.

Patrick Knuchel, Zwitserland, December 2016, Phuket, Thailand




I recently finished my OWSI as well as a few specialties together with Camille. A great experience! I contacted Camille months before my IDC started and he was very helpful with the entire process, from booking to accommodation and transport. Camille created a very relaxed feeling throughout the training, which led to having an easier time focusing on my studies. Going to my IE could not have been easier as Camille kept encouraging and supporting me through the entire time.

Sonja Koski, Finland, November 2016, Phuket, Thailand


Camille I have to thank you personally for all the support and giving hand to achieve this position for me ....really really thanks I can never forget this ......thanks once again favourite course director

Aloknat M, India, November 2016, Phuket, Thailand






Hello my name is Oskari and I come from Finland. I had couple of choises where I wan't to do my IDC and I decided to do it by english, after all I'm more than happy with that I chose Camille to be my CD. Course had fast tempo and every problem we had was very (very) well explained by Camille. And after all we had really fun time together during course, so thanks for Camille, Nikoo, Tommy and Tahamtan!

Terve olen Oskari Suomesta, valitsin muutamasta potentiaalisesta vaihtoehdosta englannin kielisen IDC:n, ja olen erittäin tyytyväinen, että tein sen Camillen kanssa. Kurssi oli nopea tempoinen, ja ongelma tilanteissa Camille esitti asiat erittäin selkeästi, vaikka epäilin omaa englannin kielen taitoani en kokekenut mitään ongelmaa sen kanssa kurssin aikana. Meillä oli erittäin hauska kurssi. Kiitos Camille, Nikoo, Tommy ja Tahamtan!

Oskari Miikkulainen, Finland, Oktober 2016, Phuket, Thailand


My name is Tommy and I choosed to travel all the way from Sweden to do my IDC with Camille and after our first day I never had any doubt about making the right call.

The structure of his course made us take it step by step in a way that made all things come natural and by explaining the things that we needed to improve and especially How to improve it we overcame it in an easy, fun and relaxed manner.

Camille with his experience as both an instructor and a CD knows what he is doing so the candidates in his IDC is in good hands because Camille doesn't just want you to pass the IE, he wants you to be a great Instructor after the IE.

We had a great IDC together and i will remember the time with Camille, Nikoo, Tahamtan and Oskari with joy, Thank you!

And in Swedish:

Jag heter Tommy och jag valde att åka hela vägen från Sverige för att göra min IDC med Camille och redan efter första dagen så förstod jag att jag hade tagit rätt beslut.

Uppläggningen av kursen gjorde att vi tog saker en sak i taget vilket gjorde allting väldigt naturligt och genom att förklara vad vi behöver förbättra och speciellt Hur vi skulle gå tillväga för att förbättra det, så gjorde han det enkelt på ett roligt och avslappnat sätt.

Med sin erfarenhet som både instruktör och CD så vet Camille vad han håller på med så deltagarna i hans IDC är i bra händer för han ville inte bara att du ska klara din IE, han vill att du ska vara en bra instruktör efter din IE.

Vi hade en fantastisk IDC ihop och jag kommer att minnas tiden me Camille, Nikoo, Tahamtan och Oskari med glädje, Tack!

Tommy Lind, Zweden, Oktober 2016, Phuket, Thailand


Dear Camille i enjoy all days and all class with you, any time if i want to continue my course i will let you know i hope to see you again soon and make class with you again, it was my point to know you .all the class was useful for me in IE exam.

Tahamtan Nabi, Iran, Oktober 2016, Phuket, Thailand





I just did IDC with Camille Lemmens in Phuket in July, before the course started I felt quite nervous and stressed.
I thought the IDC is very intense because it is a short period of time and the language (I'm Thai), during the course Camille showed me that it's not hard and with his knowledge, professionalism and experience he explained everything to me with simple and super easy to understand ways and enjoyable.
Thank you very much to Camille for make my life easier and great experience with IDC.

Kanchanalit 'Kui' Trakarnboonchai, Thailand, Augustus 2016, Phuket, Thailand


My name is Annesa and I attended the IDC with Mr. Camille Lemmens starting last month. It was a very good experience and Camille as my course director made sure that I understand and know what I am doing. He does his best to improve your confidence. I would like to thank him for his good job and I know he will always give his best anyhow.

Annesa Rath, Sechellen, Augustus 2016, Phuket, Thailand




Jag gjorde ett slags Zero to Hero program med det goa folket på Neptune Diving Adventure, bästa med det var att Johan som är manager på stället är göteborgare precis som mig själv! Irish deras lokala instruktör e grymt duktig hon med. Jag har varit så grymt imponerad av deras sätt att göra kurser på att jag tog beslutet att bli en av dom! Jag bestämde mig för att göra IDCn med Camille och det var nått jag sent kommer att glömma. Kursen med Camille var riktigt bra men samtidigt en del påfrestande efter som min teoretiska sida inte är den bästa men med lite hjälp från Johan och Irish så satt det som det skulle.
Jag kan med lätthet säga att jag kan rekommendera dessa grabbar och tjejer till alla som nånsin har funderat på att bli instruktör. Camille e roten i PADI systemet och utan honom så tror nog allt att det hade åt skogen så en bättre PADI Platinum Course Director får man leta efter!

And now in English;

I made a sort of Zero to Hero program with the amazing people at Neptune Diving Adventure , the best thing about it was that Johan the manager of the place is also from Gothenburg just like myself! Irish their local instructor is really good too. I have been very impressed by their way to make their courses so interesting and fun that I took the decision to become one of them! I decided to do the IDC with Camille and it was something I will never forget . The course with Camille was really good but at the same time sometimes a bit stressful for me, since my theoretical side is not the best but with a little help from Johan and Irish it finally went in.
I can easily say that I can recommend these guys and girls to all who ever thought about becoming a PADI instructor. Camille who is the root of the PADI system and without him in the front I think it all wouldn't have been possible, so a better PADI Platinum Course Director will be difficult to find!

Jimmy Björkqvist, Zweden, Juli 2016, Moalboal, Filipijnen




Vor zwei Wochen habe ich erfolgreich meine IE in Phuket abgeschlossen. Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei Camille Lemmens dafür bedanken, der mich während seiner IDC perfekt darauf vorbereitet hat. Dadurch war die IE nur noch eine Wiederholung von dem, was wir während der IDC gelernt haben. Wir mussten uns einige Präsentationen anhören, Camille hat aber immer wieder Geschichten und lustige Witze dazu erzählt, dadurch wurden auch die langweiligeren Themen wieder interessant.

Da wir eine kleine Gruppe waren, konnte ich ein intensives Training geniessen. Und da Camille Lemmens auch deutsch spricht, konnte er mich unterstützen, falls ich etwas nicht verstanden habe.

Nach meiner IE habe ich den Deepdive Specialty Kurs mit Camille gemacht. Wir haben zusammen einen Deepdive auf 40 m gemacht, er hat mir auch dabei wertvolle Tipps gegeben.

Die IDC war eine sehr gute Erfahrung und ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen, diese mit Camille Lemmens zu machen. Vielen Dank für deine tolle Arbeit! Bis bald

Fabienne Mazenauer, Zwitserland, Mei 2016, Phuket, Thailand


I recently took my IDC with Camille in Phuket in May and cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the course. Camille has a true passion about diving and teaching that is very apparent in his classroom presentations, pool sessions and open water workshops. His IDC was extremely thorough and prepared me well for the IE. I was quite nervous when I first started the program but with his patient coaching and mentoring I was fully confident about taking and passing the IE. The one thing that stood out to me was the emphasis he puts on both student diver and instructor safety. His course is not a check the box type of course. When you complete his IDC you will know that you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a fully competent PADI instructor. There is a reason he has achieved the PADI Platinum teaching certificate. Anyone interested in becoming an instructor should put him on their short list for consideration. Due to limitation in my schedule I was not able to complete the specialty training but I plan on coming back to as soon as time allows to continue my professional development with Camille.

J. Tate Abel, USA, woont in Saoedi Arabië, Mei 2016, Phuket, Thailand




I chose to make me IDC with Camille Lemmens in light of his successive award as a Platinum Course Director. I was not sure about what it might represent, although I suspected that he had not stolen this prices...
Rapidly during the course I understood.
When you wish to become instructor, you invest time and especially money. Training is short and intense. It is natural to have doubts and apprehension at different levels.
But I have been very quickly reassured to have in front of me someone who knows his subject on fingertips, able to adapt to each individual and remaining just with all of us.
Lastly beyond his professional skills Camille is a person who has great human values and qualities. You'd probably be delighted to meet him.
My advices, review your theory correctly before the IDC, rest well, and let yourselves be guided, everything can only go well with Mr. Lemmens !

Sophia M'Jahad, Frankrijk, April 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand


J'ai passé mon IDC en avril 2016 en Thaïlande sur l'île de Koh Lanta après avoir travaillé comme Divemaster pendant plusieurs mois. Etant jeune plongeur, je pensais avant de démarrer l'IDC que mon niveau serrait insuffisant pour être au niveau demandé. Il fallut réviser en amont, beaucoup travailler pendant l´IDC. Mais grâce a la pédagogie de Camille Lemmens, il a su tirer le meilleur de nous et surtout s'adapter aux besoins de chacun. Cela a été un vrai partie de plaisir, nous parlions plusieurs langues durant les cours pas de souci à ce sujet. Nous avions chacun une manière de progresser différente pas de souci non plus dans ce domaine. Le tout dans une bonne humeur journalière, chose qui n'est pas facile avec la pression qui augmente l'IE se rapprochant. Je vous le recommande à tous de pouvoir passer votre IDC dans ces conditions et de ressortir grandi comme plongeur, prêt à devenir un instructeur PADI.

François Fournier, Frankrijk, April 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand


I'm honored to recommend and express my person experience & the recommendation to conduct your IDC training under Camille Lemmens. He has not only granted me the states of becoming an ambassador to be an instructor under Padi brand but has granted me a role model in him, for my career in the diving industry.
I personally have worked with a few instructors. He adds so much more then only the values of the training which is delivered over the two weeks. I found him professional, knowledgeable, very passionate and accommodating to training needs of individuals' requirements in order for the training to be individualized. From my experience, I walked away from the training with allot more then only the certification values.
His role as a Course Director has been to develop me architectural maximize the knowledge and development of me in a short time frame. Camille delivers theoretical content in a practical way. I'm very impressed by his passionate, which he uses good design principles in all his projects--from arboretums to the documents provided.
The hallmark of Camille's character is his honesty. This extends from those areas where it is easily seen in relationships and business transactions, as well as in integrity of thought. He approaches any analytical task with an exacting eye that is scientific, thorough, and meticulous. This is the kind of care and concern I mean by integrity of thought.
Camille Lemmens has my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep personal respect.

Wayne Momsen, Zuid Afrika, woont in Saoedi Arabië, April 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand


I had been forewarned that Thailand was simply an Instructor candidate factory and that my IDC experience wouldn't be of the highest caliber. However, to my pleasant surprise, my experience with Camille Lemmens as my course director proved to be of utmost value and his dedication and commitment to his students truly showed itself during the actual examination period.

Bear in mind you will be spending up to two weeks with a course director going over countless PADI presentations so the following is very important when considering with whom you study under. Throughout the IDC, Camille was able to keep his presentations entertaining and concise. He was able to pinpoint all the important information and stress them accordingly so you leave feeling adequately prepared not only for the IE, but for your career as an instructor as well. During the pool sessions, Camille's 13 years of experience as a course director showed itself as he not only knew what was required in past IE's and how to practice accordingly, but sprinkled his own tidbits in as well from his own teaching experiences.

But Camille's dedication and commitment truly shined when the time of the IE actually came around. Looking at the other candidates and their course directors, I felt like we were the most adequately prepared and supported. During the pool sessions, Camille kept a watchful eye on our progress, not because he was nervous, but because he wanted to witness our success.

Overall, I would highly recommend any potential IE candidate to study under Camille Lemmens as their course director. If you are looking for a course director who is committed to the success of his students for both the IE and a career in diving, Camille is the guy for you.

Collin Li, USA, April 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand


I recently completed the instructor course at Blue Planet Divers on Koh Lanta. Camille Lemmens did a great job in preparing us for the IE. The IDC was very focused on the exam, yet he always found time to tell us more how to actually live and work as a part of the diving industry. Safety is key for Camille, and he constantly stressed the importance of adhering to the PADI standards, as well as giving us advice for our future teaching, and describing real life problems and solutions. During and after the IDC and IE Camille was very approachable, he responded to messages at all (reasonable) times. He also took care to provide the teaching material in different languages, and to help students like me who don't speak English as first language. While teaching the pool lessons Camille's standards were high and his marking was strict, yet fair, which prepared us well for the exam.

But the truly remarkable thing about Camille is his strong sense of humor. All the important information about standards, safety, and exams can be awfully boring and tedious, but he managed to create a fun and relaxed learning environment. He is passionate about teaching, picks up every student where they are, and helps them overcoming their particular difficulties in a determined, but very kind way. I learn best when someone makes me laugh and keeps me thinking at the same time, and in Camille I found the perfect teacher for my IDC.

Svenja Weise, Duitsland, April 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand




From March 7 to March 15, I had the great opportunity - and luck! - to join Camille's IDC on Koh Phangan as an IDC Staff candidate. After having taught diving in the lake of Zurich in Switzerland, it was for one thing very interesting to see how resorts and dive centers work with "holiday divers" in warm waters and how they solve their own logistical issues. What is the best about the course, however, is definitely the Course Director himself! Camille does a wonderful job in being a dedicated member of the diving industry and above everything he's a fantactic role model for the instructors-to-be by being strict but always adding fun to something that is in the end still somehow serious business. I will now start doing the first part of IDC courses for new instructors here in Switzerland and have quite some respect for this new challenge. For me, however, it was great to take diving education to the next level - teaching others how to teach - and nobody could have showed me better how to get about this than Camille. I'm very much looking forward to seeing him again hopefully soon.

Sandra Clavadetscher, Zwitserland, PADI IDCS 978136, Maart 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand


Thank you very much for your IDC... you bring us through with nice effort, minimum stress and plenty of fun and I´m sure all of your candidates enjoy your way of teaching and because all of us passed, I take these as a great proof of your professionalism and very good way how to share your knowledge and for all of this I thank you a lot... It was great and unforgettable experience.... Take care and stay as you are...

Jan Cabalka, Tsjechië, Maart 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand


It was a big luck to take my path into PADIs instructors area through the IDC with diving GURU - Camille Lemmens! I've done my course on march '16 - Haad Yao Divers - Koh Phangan.
Great time with lots of hard work and ofcourse - lots of FUN!
Camille is a great mentor with plenty of patience and proper attitude. A really experienced teacher with many life examples. Unlimited thanx to my teacher for his well done work which provides me with all necessary knowledge, skills and idea of our mission!

Igor Tarasevich, Rusland, Maart 2016, Koh Phangan, Thailand




In January I participated in the IDC with Camille at Blue Planet in Koh Lanta, which to me was the logical step after completing my DM with them last season.
Camille had a very professional yet fun approach, it suited me very well. After completion of the IDC Camille assured me i was ready for the IE and it turned out he was right, passing the IE was easy after 12 days of thorough preparation. My advise for people who want to start an IDC would be to work at least a few months as a DM for experience, revise the theory before the IDC starts so you can focus on what is new, and then do it with Camille, success guaranteed!!
Thank you again Camille for the great time together, I am sure we will meet again!!

Kris van den Berg, België, Januari 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand


I entered the IDC in Koh Lanta, January 2016, taught by Camille Lemmens, with little anxiety for at least two reasons: one was the language (I am French and sometime having some difficulties to fully understand English) and the second fear was the fact that coming from CMAS teaching organization, I had really a very little knowledge about PADI system.

I have to say that Camille did an outstanding education effort to teach us with a lot of patience. We were a small group of four, including another French guy, a Belgium and English ones. We received from Camille full attention and he gave us, individually, plenty of time to get feedback from its huge experience, giving at each course a lot of examples from its own diving adventures. We really did a good and serious work during these two weeks in a very friendly ambiance and I have to say that I am proud to succeed in the IDC and IE, as well as the other guys.

Thanks Camille for this experience really enjoyable; you are an excellent teacher and I learned a lot. I had also the opportunity to pass three specialties with you, and we did very exciting dives together at Hin Daeng and Koh Haa. I can tell you: see you next time, in Philippines, for other specialties. Thanks for all.

Denis Chatrefou, Frankrijk, Januari 2016, Koh Lanta, Thailand