PADI Instructor Exam


You will need to qualify for certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor by passing a PADI Instructor Exam (IE). The PADI Instructor Exam or IE is conducted by a professional Instructor Examiner from the PADI Asia Pacific office. This ensures that the assessment is fair and objective.

Before you can participate in an Instructor Examination, you'll need to have passed an IDC successfully.

 All of my PADI IDC's in the various location in Thailand and the Philippines and other South East Asian locations I teach in, are typically followed by a PADI IE at the same location. In a rare exception the PADI IE will be in a nearby location. During a PADI IE myself and / or staff will be there for moral and logistical support during the duration of a PADI Instructor Exam.




PADI Instructor Exam



There will be tests on your general waterman-ship and diving skills, your academic knowledge and on your teaching presentations in the classroom as well as in confined and open water environments.


For certification as a PADI Instructor you will need to pass all parts of the IE. In the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful in your initial IE you are permitted to attend a second IE, not less than 5 days or more than 1 year after the first IE. 



PADI Instructor ExamAreas of evaluation:


• Physics

• Physiology

• Equipment

• General Skills and Environment

• Recreational Dive Planner

• PADI Standards & Procedures


PADI Instructor Exam



• Knowledge Development Teaching Presentation

• Confined Water Teaching Presentation (1 presentation)

• Confined Water Skills Demonstration (5 skills)

• Open Water Teaching Presentation (2 presentations)

• Rescue Demonstration



The application fees for the PADI IE are not included in the IDC course or package prices and are to be paid directly to PADI. PADI examiners do not accept cash payments for the PADI IE fees. You will need a valid credit card in order to pay for the IE application fees.

Look here for a list of PADI application fees.


PADI Instructor Exam