During the PADI Enriched Air Instructor Specialty course you will enter the world of ‘tech' diving. This will build your confidence as you build your bottom time. You discover for yourself why this is currently the most popular PADI specialty instructor course and diver course around.

Currently Camille has the Nitrox Instructor Specialty for free in his PADI IDC. You need to be a Nitrox diver though and PADI application fees are not included.

As an Instructor, this is an interesting Specialty to obtain. Simply because Enriched air is the only specialty that allows you to combine the performance requirements of one specialty (Enriched Air) with other dives, courses or specialty courses. 

PADI Enriched Air Instructor


Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox lets you safely extend your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits for air. Diving with Enriched Air means more time underwater.

During the EANx diver course you will learn techniques for getting more dive time by using Enriched air Nitrox, about Enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations and Enriched air considerations, including managing oxygen exposure, how to tell what’s in your scuba tank and how to set your dive computer. 

During the Enrich Air Instructor course, all teaching materials, standards and schedules will be reviewed and you will conduct one dive with Enriched Air with the Course Director.

At all PADI IDC training facilities I work together with, we now include your PADI Enriched Air Instructor rating for FREE in all Instructor level courses and internships (this offer does not include required PADI materials for becoming a PADI Nitrox diver / Instructor and PADI application fees and tank fills).

Come and join us for a PADI IDC and get certified as a PADI Enriched Air Instructor and enjoy the full benefits of having this certification level and increase your bottom time during a dive but also the amount of divers that you can certify. This is PADI's most popular specialty after all!

Looking forward seeing you at one of the locations in Thailand or the Philippines for a PADI IDC soon. Contact me for more detailed information.