EFR Instructor

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course

CPR and first aid are important skills that are in high demand and are part of the EFR Instructor course. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you can teach these skills to anyone.

EFR Instructor

The Fun Part

Teach CPR and first aid to others so they can be prepared for an emergency.

What You Learn

Gain experience in how to structure learning, the requirements of performance-based training and your role as the instructor in the learning environment for teaching CPR and first aid.

You also learn how to motivate students, evaluate student knowledge, present course content effectively, become proficient in developing students' hands-on skills practice sessions, and are taught how to present an effective scenario-based learning experience.

The EFR Instructor course has some practical, hands-on skills and scenarios, there are presentations conducted by the EFR Instructor Instructor Trainer, shows how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and there's also a written exam that you need to complete.

EFR Instructor Trainer Camille Lemmens has an extensive experience in teaching the EFR Instructor course but he also conducts other EFR courses. On a regular base he teaches hotel staff around Koh Samui the EFR course.

In Camille's PADI IDC programs in Thailand, the EFR Instructor course is included. Camille teaches this course at the end of his IDC programs. However, he also offers stand alone EFR Instructor courses.



EFR Instructor



What You Can Teach

Learn how to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid) courses.

You also learn to conduct the recommended Automated External Defibrillator (AED), emergency oxygen and conscious choking management skills.



EFR Instructor

Learning Materials You Need

The EFR Instructor Start-up kit (product no. 60215) includes a complete set of instructional materials for each of the EFR courses. The specially-priced pack includes:

• Student manuals for Primary Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED

• Student DVDs for Primary Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED

• Instructor guides for Primary Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED

• Student exams for Primary Secondary Care and Care for Children

• Bandage pack

• Care-at-a-Glance Card