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More info on comments

Hi ya all, Got some feedback from Blogger about the comments issue and it seems that the comments pages language can vary from country to country and the end user, in each country must sort out his personal setting, to be able to view the page in the language he wants. Here’s the official answer; […]

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Problem with posting comments

Hi, Some of you may try to post a comment and when you click comments in one of my posts, the new page that shows up is in Thai script. Currently I’m trying to solve this problem, so bear with me for right now. If you still feel confident enough to post, the big square […]

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My last PADI IDC and IDC’s in general

Hello to you all, Here’s my first post in this blog, coming from Koh Samui, as you can see on the picture to the left and I hope to be able to welcome a few people who will come and visit my blog.I’ll try to post at least once a week. The last IDC I […]

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