Testimonial by Graeme, January 2019 PADI IDC, Koh Lanta

Testimonial by Graeme, January 2019 PADI IDC, Koh Lanta

Just a few days ago I received this Testimonial by Graeme, January 2019 PADI IDC, Koh Lanta. As you know by now, the PADI IDC programs on Koh Lanta, Thailand I teach in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center ‘Blue Planet Divers’.

Graeme was part of a big PADI IDC group in January 2019 on Koh Lanta. For starters, let me state that it was good fun to have him in the group. He is enthusiastic and willing to learn with a positive outlook and attitude. Secondly he’s heard of the Undertones. Thirdly he’s from Newcastle upon Tyne, which kind of dampens his football season a bit.

However, he experienced a steep learning curve. As a result, he passed the PADI IE with flying colors. Well done and well deserved Graeme. Wouldn’t have expected any other outcome.

Testimonial by Graeme, January 2019 PADI IDC, Koh Lanta
Testimonial by Graeme, January 2019 PADI IDC, Koh Lanta

Graeme with PADI Examiner Brendon after successfully passing the PADI IE on Koh Lanta, earlier this month.

Without further ado, here is;

Testimonial by Graeme;

I participated in Camille’s IDC on Koh Lanta (Southern Thailand) in early Jan 2019, which is a brilliant place to do it, great waters, fantastic ocean life.

My previous life was that of a Technical Software Tester working for many companies as an independent contractor, so I did have experience of dealing with many different characters and challenges, however, Camille’s IDC truly opened my eyes wider to the world of Instructing students, improving skills, improving knowledge and being part of a team of divers.

Do not mistake this course for just another certification that is easily obtained by paying money to PADI, NO, this is a course for further improvement in many areas and with Camille there is no ‘can not do it’.. there is an overall sense of ‘stay focused and you will do it’.

I enjoyed Camille’s teaching style, mixing things up with real life examples and humour (the latter is very important for learning in my opinion).

We had a varied linguistic classroom, from English to German to French, luckily he speaks these languages and communicates clearly and with ease.

This is a step up from PADI Divemaster indeed, but that bridge was crossed with application and focus… Something Camille instills right from the start. You will be tested and encouraged to improve. This is NOT just another tick in the box, this is a life changing course not only for the good on one’s self. Also of the many other probable students I will teach in the future.

In summary I very much highly recommend doing your IDC with Camille, wherever that may be, you will come away a better person.

Thanks Graeme for taking the time to write this testimonial. Much appreciated.

My PADI IDC schedule for 2019

During all of my PADI IDC programs the EFR-, Enriched Air- and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor courses are included. Furthermore, lunches on course days are included (except on Malapascua, where we serve breakfast instead of lunch). Certainly a reason to ask for more in-depth information on my IDC programs.

For starters, I will be back on Malapascua in the Philippines on 4th February 2019 in conjunction with PADI IDDR Center ‘Thresher Cove’. On 4th March and 7th May I will be back in Phuket, Thailand again for my first PADI IDC in Phuket in 2019. As always in conjunction with PADI CDC Center ‘Dive Asia’. Most certainly plenty of exciting destinations to choose from. Khao Lak, Thailand is on the PADI IDC schedule again with a program scheduled to start 25th March. This is in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center ‘Sea Dragon’.  Furthermore, I will be back on Koh Lanta to start an IDC program on 15th April. This as always in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center ‘Blue Planet’.

Finally, check here for my 2019 PADI IDC schedule.

Contact me for more detailed information on any of these PADI IDC programs or locations.

See you there,

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