Hollis sms 50 has arrived

Two sets of them are mine now and the excitement is growing. It’s too early to start diving on them, I first need to configure the two sets with 1st stages, 2nd stages, low pressure hoses, high pressure hoses, gauges and a few more bits and bobs. Side mount diving is coming soon at the Lemmens clan!

Hollis sms 50 complete set

A full Hollis sms 50 set
After my recreational side mount diver course certification earlier this year in Subic, Philippines with my mentor Andy Davis, it’s now time to spread my wings and get comfortable with the new dive gear. The plan is that in the near future I will be teaching most of the courses in a side mount configuration and as of 2013  plan to start teaching the PADI Recreational side mount course.

Hollis sms 50 two sets

Two sets of Hollis sms 50

It’s early days with the side mount courses in respect to recreational diving and from a PADI tec point of view but I am very excited about this and am convinced that side mount diving will carve out just more than a niche and will become rather popular.

The advantages of side mount diving are;

  • Greater Safety; It allows full visibility over your system. You can perform gas checks/management, configure and monitors all of gauges, valves and hoses without assistance 
  • Reduces additional gear; Backplate / Doubles bands / Hardware / Manifold – Benefit when traveling 
  • Aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat; both tanks and one tank at a time. This includes exiting the water on a boat dive 
  • Streamlines profile which in turn reduces drag and energy which increases your bottom time
  • Reduces lower back strain
  • Increased gas supply for longer dives

Hollis sms 50 accessories

The accessories
The Hollis sms 50 is ready to use out of the box! Besides the harness it comes with 2 Tank bungees, 2 SS Cam bands (tank straps) and 4 SS Bolt snaps, line is also included with the kit. Neoprene covered shoulder straps, a sternum strap and crotch strap are also part of the deal.

Keep an eye out on these pages for more updates, which will come soon enough!


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