SOS Automatic Decompression Meter

SOS Automatic Decompression Meter
One of the occasional perks of being a PADI Course Director and diver in general, is that sometimes I stumble over vintage scuba equipment. Mostly whilst diving on boats around Thailand but during last years October IDC on Koh Samui, one of the candidates, Chris, brought in some very interesting training aids for her classroom presentations; some serious, hardcore vintage scuba equipment!
SOS Automatic Decompression Meter with manual

She brought in this SOS Automatic Decompression Meter with manual! Sure enough it baffled me, since up till that moment I had never heard of such a device. It turns out that many accidents happened whilst using these devices back in the days and soon enough they were called Bend-O-Matics.
The model shown here is from SOS, an Italian brand and Chris has actively been diving with this meter without getting bend! Excellent.
Scubapro had also some designs back in the days which were the early sixties into the seventies.

A closer look
Here’s a simple yet effective explanation in German, with a similar picture. Here you can find a description of the benefits of having a decompression meter. Don’t forget that dive computers the way we know know them today, like the Suunto D6i, were still a long way to go!
An interesting insight in the patent of one of these decompression meters can be found here.
Thanks for bringing them along Chris and allowing me to take pictures, it’s much appreciated. A few more posts are in the pipeline featuring your vintage equipment, so stay tuned!

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  1. I have one of these. Just found it after 30 years while clearing out the house. It's serial number is lower than the on you have pictured and was stored in a ScubaPro Flight Case, it looks Brand New. I only ever used it once. I'm amazed the rubbers etc never perished, wonder if it still works,…….not lol Also For Sale ( at the right price), dive museum perhaps? email to; Cheers Darryn 🙂

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