PADI IDC Koh Samui, Thailand for August 2011 is in the bag

PADI IDC Koh Samui, Thailand for August 2011 is in the bag
Although we will put the finishing touches tomorrow to the current PADI IDC on Koh Samui, it’s once more an IDC bagged on Koh Samui! In cooperation with ‘The Dive Academy’, it’s the 4th one this year!
Mauro getting his color coordination right for his weight belt
It was a steep learning curve for both of them and we had lots of fun as well. With the small classroom size there was plenty of individual attention for both of them.

Now open the manual to page ……., Erica scoring another point!
Tuesday we’ll go over to Koh Tao so Mauro and Erica can participate in the PADI IE there. Cross your fingers for them whilst they kick some ass over there!

If you’re interested in participating in one of my IDC’s, the next PADI IDC is starting 21st August on Gili Air in Indonesia followed by an IDC on Koh Phangan starting 2nd September, followed by another IDC on Gili Air starting 13th September and my first IDC in Dauin, Philippines, starting 20th October. Please look here for my current PADI IDC schedule.

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