The PADI IE for May 2011 on Koh Samui has come to a 100% successful end!

The PADI IE for May 2011 on Koh Samui has come to a 100% successful end!
Camille’s candidates ended two exciting and anxious filled days and came out of it with another 100% pass rate to continue Camille’s PADI IE score sheet.
The official picture with from left to right; Hagi (IDCS), George Wegmann (PADI Examiner), Nobu (MI), Hata (OWSI), Yuki (OWSI), Kiko (OWSI), myself (PADI Course Director), Mutsuko (IDCS), Claire (OWSI) and Shinya (OWSI)
As every time’s the case with Camille’s IDC’s, it was an international affair with candidates from the UK and Japan and staff from Japan.

Yesterday’s confined water presentation in a blazing sun with the Japanese staff busy translating

Nobu, Mutsuko and Hagi enjoying some shade

Today during the Open Water briefing by George, fully concentrated
If you’re interested in participating in one of my PADI IDC’s, the next one is scheduled to start on Gili Air in Indonesia on 16th June followed by an IDC scheduled on Koh Samui starting 1st July which in turn is followed by an IDC in Osan, South Korea, starting 20th July, just to be followed once more by another IDC on Koh Samui, starting 7th August. A busy schedule ahead so don’t miss out! All of these IDC’s have confirmed candidates, so hope to see you there!
My IDC schedule can be found here, the only thing you need to do is signing up!

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