PADI Specialty of the Month August 2010; Underwater Naturalist

PADI Specialty of the Month August 2010; Underwater Naturalist

Look closer to see more on your next dive. Look for symbioses, predator/prey and other relationships between aquatic plant and animal life. Learn not just what fish and animals are, but how they interact with each other and the environment.
Pink Anemone around Koh Tao
If you’re interested in aquatic life then the PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialty course is for you. This course is an introduction to the underwater aquatic environment and will help develop safe and responsible aquatic life interaction techniques.

Pink Anemone fish in Mango Bay, Koh Tao
This specialty is popular with students as well as with Instructors who take up Instructor Specialty training. The waters surrounding the Samui archipelago with it’s abundance of fish and coral are excellent to teach this specialty.

Hard coral around Koh Tao
Two dives which can be conducted in just one day will give you this rating as a diver and if you book this specialty during this month you will receive a 10% discount on the course price.

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  1. dear sir,
    i just wanted to know the trimix combination used at a depth of 300 metre below the sea .I also would be very happy if u please throw more light on the breathing pattern of a human at such high depths. i would also like to know whether u require travel mix while diving at such depths

    would be really happy to recieve ur answers to my mail

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