My new Gull MEW Safe fins

My new Gull MEW Safe fins
They were only mine for a day or so, before Imad picked them up. They’re excellent fins made by Japanese dive equipment manufacturer Gull. They are made of traditional natural rubber in contrast to the thermoplastic concoctions or variations which western diving equipment manufacturers tend to produce nowadays.

The colour range of the Gull fins is amazing, from white to soft pink and many in-between. They come also in different hardness, a softer or harder option is available and closed and open heel fins are also available.

The set of Gull MEW Safe fins that I obtained are available in only one colour; Orange. Just what a Dutchie like me can have good use for. Their characteristic mark is the Swiss flag on the bottom of the fins! Easy to follow your dive leader!
They come in just a few sizes, S, MS, M, L and XL. The L size I ordered was a tad little bit big for me but fitted Imad just fine, now I’m gonna order a set of M sized fins and see how they fit.
Besides a few Japanese divers working for Japanese dive centers on Samui, most likely nobody else on Samui will have a set of these fins! If you;re interested in such a cool pair of Gull fins, let me know and I can order them for you.

2 thoughts on “My new Gull MEW Safe fins

  1. hey camille, please advise how to get the gull super mews or mantis fins. i can't seem to find a site or dive shop that sells it here in singapore. but i'm willing to buy online. please help me out, thanks!

    cheers, M

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