USS Lagarto in the news again

USS Lagarto in the news again

After an article written last year on this blog about Tech and Advanced Wreck diving I’m very happy to see that a documentary named ‘Lost and Found, Legacy of USS Lagarto’ about the USS Lagarto, a US Navy submarine sunk in the Gulf of Thailand by the Japanese Navy during WWII was rewarded with 3 Emmy Awards.

The film picked up the awards for the categories of Historical Documentary, Musical Composition/Arrangement and Writing in the Regional Emmy’s for Chicago, Midwest Region.

Here’s a trailer for the Emmy winning documentary – if you’re interested in getting hold of a copy visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum’s webpage about the USS Lagarto.

Well done and a big thumbs up to my former PADI Course Director Jamie MacLeod who discovered this wreck with his fellow MV Trident crew.

One thought on “USS Lagarto in the news again

  1. Great Job done by Jamie MacLeod.Such documentaries if also being viewed through National Geographic or Discovery channel, would get more people involved in to it.Under-water adventures of US navy submarine and then digging history of this USS Lagarto, such expeditions always charms us and add value to past of Great World War II.

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