Dutch Tourism Uni, presentation about diving on Samui

Dutch Tourism Uni, presentation about diving on Samui

Students of the NHTV, Internationale Hogeschool Breda, Academie voor Tourisme or Breda University of Applied Science visited Samui for the second time in 4 years time, and just like 4 years ago, I was asked to give a presentation about Samui and it’s diving.
Last week and today for two different groups I did a presentation and the topics I touched upon where amongst others;

-The development of diving on Koh Samui
-Changes in the local diving market
Koh Samui and it’s relation to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao
PADI and it’s role

It was interesting to meet such large groups of students and try to give an interesting presentation.
Their tasks on Samui (today’s group of students also had a detachment going off to investigate Koh Phangan) are very hands on and they have to go out and get some field work done by talking to shop owners and actual tourists.

During both presentations, there was some good interaction going on and during the final question round, plenty of good questions were fired at me.

An interesting experience and I hope to see them back again soon. Hope you all enjoy Koh Samui and get time to go diving!


3 thoughts on “Dutch Tourism Uni, presentation about diving on Samui

  1. Camille,

    Was it part of a tourist/hospitality course or some type of field geography part of a course? You are definitely the “man” to address such a group. Curious why they would be interested in PADI. I am sure the group was happy with the presentation and change of weather:)

    Wreck diving in a few days sounds really good,


  2. It’s part of a field tourist course as part of their courses, I guess.
    To talk about PADI makes sense since they’re a big part in the dive industry of Thailand or for that matter, worldwide. To give the students, mainly non divers, an idea what kind of player PADI is in the recreational dive industry makes it complete. That was just a small part of the presentation, what both groups seemed to like best was one minute vdo with an airplane approach and landing on to Samui, filmed from the cockpit, which I integrated into the presentation!

    See you soon in a few days!

  3. Hi Camille,

    I bet the marketing of PADI would also be of great interest even for non divers to study. Although not applicable to Samui the Confined Diver cert is an interesting approach for an emerging market for example.I wonder how many of those certs have been completed. Adapting to market needs is something PADI is very good at.

    That video does sound interesting. What a great view of the island when you are landing.


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