PADI December IDC 2008 kicked off

PADI December IDC 2008 kicked off

And well with the 2 day prep course. Two candidates are participating in this IDC, Mikhail and Steven who both just finished their Divemaster courses.

They completed part of their theory exams and we started with the first round of the 20 skill circuit.
Tomorrow we will continue the prep course and on Saterday we will start the AI part of this IDC.


4 thoughts on “PADI December IDC 2008 kicked off

  1. I am wondering what they will do with this rope? We are using it in Texas to catch cattle, but I doubt you can do this in Thailand, can you?

    Wish I could be there with you guys and learn again how to tie these knots. It is sooo easy that I already forgot it …. well, almost 😉

    Have a lot of fun guys!

    Cheers, Volker

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