Divemaster trainees on the move

Divemaster trainees on the move

We recently had a bunch of Divemaster trainees complete their courses and a few others start theirs.

Last night we had a bit of a night out with most of them and we had dinner in Lamai at Erik’s Swedish restaurant to be followed by a night of watching the Saturday nights Lady Boxing the Muay Thai variation.
A good night was had by all with an excellent ending of the night in Chaweng.

In the picture from left to right, back row; Dwaine, who’s on his way to visit his brother in Canada but who will be back for some more diving around mid December, Gav who just started his DMT course and Camille.
In front it’s Craig, who started his DMT course the same day as Gav, they both started at Rescue diver level in a Go Pro CDC package. Patrick is in the middle, who just completed his IDC and IE earlier this month and who will be soon off to Koh Chang to work as instructor there in a Swedish run dive center. The fact that Patrick is Swedish probably helps. On the right side we see Steven who just completed his DMT course yesterday and is going to participate in the IDC starting 27th November, just like Mikhail, who is not in this picture, but who just like Steve, completed his DMT course over the weekend and starts the upcoming IDC with Steve.
Later on we were joined by some instructors to help celebrate!

8 thoughts on “Divemaster trainees on the move

  1. Man!

    Everybody is making progress..Good to hear!
    So Patrick is going to Koh Chang.. DRY SEASON OVER THERE PATRICK…No raincoats necessary over there!

    Good luch you all..

  2. Congrats to everybody! And good luck with your next steps 🙂

    BTW, who is the good looking dude between Gav and Camille?


  3. I like the herring! Sounds like things are quite busy. Any takers from the group interested in a deep/wreck course sometime between Dec 15 and Jan 3? I think Richard is about do for a Thai diving break. The Dutch winter must be kicking in right around now. 🙂


  4. I know what those nights out entail! I still have flashbacks from that one on the IDC…

    Good times though. Glad to see you and your students are being successful

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