IDCS course started for the April 2008 IDC

IDCS course started for the April 2008 IDC

Marcus who just completed his IDC in February this year, has come back to complete his IDCS course during the April ’08 IDC.

He completed more than 15 Instructor Specialties with me after the last IDC, including the Wreck diver Specialty during the February Pattaya trip and back in Hainan, he managed to get 25 divers certified at various PADI levels, so he’s all set for his MSDT level, a prerequisite for the IDCS course.

Here’s Marcus in action during his 5 Theory exams, a part of his IDCS course. Marcus sailed through all parts of today’s training, including a hand full of presentations, presented by me and an evaluation learning test.
Tomorrow the IDC prep course will start, so stay focused and Marcus will compete more parts of his IDCS course, like a Confined Water presentation and a Knowledge Development presentation.
The interesting part is that he needs to score higher scores than during his actual IDC.
Stay posted for more updates on the upcoming IDC!

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