Divemaster training; the beginning and the end!

Today saw the beginning and the end of some Divemaster courses!

First of all congratulations to Sophia and Will for completing their Divemaster courses. They’re off now for a well deserved holiday dive trip, disguised as a visa run to the Philippines. Good on ya!
They’ll be back at the end of the month though, just in time to participate in and enjoy the IDC party after the upcoming IDC and PADI IE. In December they’re planning to participate in their own IDC, after they started with their Advanced Open Water course a couple of months ago, as part of their Advanced Open water through to Platinum IDC package.

At the other side of the spectrum, Jan-Willem and Gideon just started their respective Divemaster course with me today (congrats to both for completing their EFR and Rescue diver courses!). We completed the introduction of the Divemaster course and now they’re ready to take it all on.

Here are from left to right; Jan-Willem, Sophia, Will and Gideon.

Tomorrow IDC live starts again for me, with Naz’s IDCS course and the day after the Prep IDC course starts. There are 4 IDC candidates this IDC and Naz is participating in his IDCS course.


2 thoughts on “Divemaster training; the beginning and the end!

  1. What are your thoughts on doing the IDC almost straight after a Divemaster course? I had 12-18 months distance between the 2, and I think it was ideal for me to really get to grips with being a dive professional.

  2. Hi Dave,

    That’s a good question.

    It has a great deal to do with the attitude of the person participating. In general, it never hurts to get the experience by actually working as a Divemaster.

    A person doing his IDC straight out of the Divemaster course can still be a good Instructor, considering what overall knowledge he has and how he’s capable of dealing with students underwater.

    Most people that participate in my packages who follow this road, also participate in an optional MSDT internship where they get to certify 25 PADI divers at various levels, under supervision of an experienced Instructor, thus learning more about working with real life students.

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