A busy month ahead

A busy month is looming ahead.

A lot of people will be arriving this month to participate in various courses and I’m starting another IDC on September 13 with an IDCS course and the 14th the prep IDC will start. It looks like I’ll be having 3 candidates and one IDCS with still an option of getting a 4th candidate in.

On 27th September I welcomed Jan-Willem at Samui airport who’s participating in the Advanced Open Water to Divemaster package. Yesterday Jan-Willem completed his Advanced course. Congrats!

Today in the early afternoon, I’ll be picking up Gideon, also from the Netherlands, just like Jan-Willem, Nienke (who just left for to Koh Tao to complete her MSDT internship) and Bas.

Gideon is participating in the Rescue diver course to the Go Pro CDC package.

Late last month, Rob arrived, who is doing the same package as Gideon, but on top of that, he’s participating in some dive trips and the Master Scuba Diver course before starting his package.

Next week Andy is coming back again, he completed various courses with us already, including the Divemaster course and will now participate in the IDC. He’s in the RAF and participating in a scheme where the army pays part of his courses.

Nazem will be arriving as well, he’ll be participating in the IDCS course. He’s from the United Arab Emirates, where he works at the Jumeirah hotel’s dive center in Dubai. He’s working with my good friend Ernst van der Poll, who is now a PADI Course Director but before he got that far, staffed during a couple of my IDC’s, to gain experience. Whenever in the Emirates and you’re up for diving, visit Ernst and Nazem.

Around the 10th I’ll be meeting with Stu, who will decide than if he participates in this month’s IDC.

Later, towards the end of this months IDC, Simon will arrive and he’s participating in the Advanced Open Water to Go Pro CDC package.

Steve is also due late this month/early next month, he’s participating in the Open Water to Go Pro CDC package.

Will, Ryszard and Geoff (one of our Instructors) during the last IDC party at Aux Amis.

We also have Ryszard right now on Samui, who is participating in the Rescue diver to Divemaster package, Joe who’s participating in the Rescue diver to Platinum package and Will and Sophia who are both participating in the Advanced Open Water to Go Pro CDC package.
All four of them are currently in various stages of their respective Divemaster courses.

Sophia and Will during the last IDC party at Aux Amis.

Last but not least, Jamie is completing his MSDT internship as well right now. He just certified Jan-Willem for his Advanced Open Water course.

A busy month ahead indeed and I’m looking forward to it!


6 thoughts on “A busy month ahead

  1. Great news that you’re going to be busy with courses this coming month. Good luck to you and your students.

    I’ve just certified 2 more happy divers (check out my testomonials). Would have done more but the students are forever flaking out. Really does annoy me sometimes.

  2. Students not showing can be annoying, especially when they assume that I’ve got nothing better to do than wait around for them to cancel on me.

    Am going at the speed of a special Olympics hurdler, but I’ll be there soon!

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