Instructor Specialty Training

Today we were diving again!
Back in the water and off to Koh Tao for some Specialty Instructor training dives. Yesterday we tackled the Underwater Navigation Instructor Specialty on Chaweng Beach and today a mixture of Multilevel, Underwater Naturalist and Digital Underwater Photography (aka DUP) was on the schedule.
Later on this week the Deep and the Night dive Instructor Specialties will be on the agenda.
This picture shows Anemone.

Jamie concentrating on his underwater camera during the DUP dive.

Laura smiling away during her Naturalist dive.

More anemone.

Stag horn coral.

Myself, Bas and Jamie on the way back to Samui, after a good day of diving. Especially the second dive, at the Light House on Koh Tao, was a very beautiful dive with amazing coral gardens.



2 thoughts on “Instructor Specialty Training

  1. Good stuff. In my DUP specialty courses, I’m including a CD with all of their photos that they took, and giving them a crash course with Photoshop which is proving invaluable to touching up all my photos these days.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Good to see that you know your limitations and need the use of Photoshop! (innocently whistling graemlin in here)

    Kiddin aside tho, that’s a very good idea and your pix show it.

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